Inuk Arctic 3D running game

Thrilling arctic running game of Inuits to escape from Mystical and dangerous Tupilaks.

In this thrilling and endless arctic running game, our Inuk hero and his friends got accidentally stuck in the middle of dangerous tupilaks. Tupilaks are mysterious creatures with magical and dangerous powers to destroy anything. Your aim is to save your Inuk Hero from the Tupilaks and other obstacles which comes accidentally on road. An ultimate fun game for anyone.

Inuk’s aim is to collect maximum coins on the road while he runs for his life. Besides tupilaks, the road is filled with ditches and unexpected rockfalls. Hero's life is in high risk because while he ran for his dear life and collecting coins, he has to be extra careful about the tupilaks, ditches and other dangers. This is what makes this arctic running kills your boredom forever!

Press right and left side of the screen to turn accordingly and release to move forward. The game has two speed modes, normal speed and fast speed. You can switch to fast mode once you become a pro at normal speed. The 3D designed running game gives a feel of Arctic region of Greenland. Inuits are the indigenous community or Arctic zone.

Entertaining 3D game, you will be engaged in an adventure that can either be a perfect time-killer anywhere in public or a restless competition for high scores with friends. Your main goal is to score high enough points! You can control your 3d Inuk Character! Simple and addictive gameplay with top trending game mechanics.

A perfect adventure running game for kids, adults and family.

Invite your friends to the game make this addictive running game more interesting. Share your score, compete and enjoy.

Are you ready for this cool Arctic Inuit Runner game?

- Easy to play. Press right and left side of the screen to run.
- Run and dash to avoid tupilaks and other dangerous obstacles
- Collect coins and unlock different Inuit Characters.
- Incredible 3D graphics
- Lot of Challenging Levels
- Thrilling Background Music
- Fun and Interesting Run Game
- Endless and free